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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

99. Addition of heat at constant pressure to a gas results in
A.Raising its temperature
B.Raising its pressure
C.Raising its volume
D.Raising its temperature and doing external work

100. Measurement of temperature is based on
A.Thermodynamic properties
B.Zeroth law of thermodynamics
C.First law of thermodynamics
D.Second law of thermodynamics

101. Carnot cycle has maximum efficiency for
A.Reversible engine
B.Irreversible engine
C.New engine
D.Petrol engine

102. Carnot cycle efficiency depends upon
A.Properties of the medium/substance used
B.Condition of engine
C.Working condition
D.Temperature range of operation

103. An engine operates between temperatures of 900 K and T2 and another engine between T2 and 400 K For both to do equal work, value of T2 will be

104. Carnot cycle efficiency is maximum when
A.Initial temperature is 0K
B.Final temperature is 0K
C.Difference between initial and final temperature is 0K
D.Final temperature is 0C

105. If heat be exchanged in a reversible manner, which of the following property of the working substance will change accordingly
C.Internal energy

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