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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Thermodynamics }

64. In an isothermal process, the internal energy of gas molecules
C.Remains constant
D.May increase/decrease depending on the properties of gas
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65. If a certain amount of dry ice is mixed with same amount of water at 80 °C, the final temperature of mixture will be
A.80 °C
B.0 °C
C.40 °C
D.20 °C
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66. One watt is equal to
A.1 Nm/s
B.1 N/mt
C.1 Nm/hr
D.1 KNm/hr
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67. Work done is zero for the following process
A.Constant volume
B.Free expansion
D.All Of the above
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68. The basis for measuring thermodynamic property of temperature is given by
A.Zeroth law of thermodynamics
B.First law of thermodynamics
C.Second law of thermodynamics
D.Third law of thermodynamics
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69. For which of the following substances, the gas laws can be used with minimum error
A.Dry steam
B.Wet steam
C.Saturated steam
D.Superheated steam
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70. On volume basis, air contains following parts of oxygen
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