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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

281. In Prob. 12.385, the reactions due to gyroscopic couple due to engine will be
A.Reaction on outside wheels is increased and on inside wheels decreased
B.Reaction on inside wheels is increased and on outside wheels decreased
C.Reaction on rear wheels is increased and on front wheels decreased
D.Reaction on rear wheels is decreased and on front wheels increased
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282. For a vibrating system, as the value eilai? increases above unity, the magnification factor, irrespective of value of damping factor, has tendency to move towards
A.Above unity
B.Near unity
C.Near infinity
D.Near zero value
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283. An overdamped system when disturbed from equilibrium position with an initial velocity will
A.Vibrate about equilibrium position
B.Immediately return to equilibrium position
C.Not cross the equilibrium position
D.Return to equilibrium position after 1 to 2 oscillations
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284. A three rotor system has following number of natural frequencies
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285. Critical damping is a function of
A.Mass and stiffness
B.Mass and damping coefficient
C.Stiffness and natural frequency
D.Natural frequency and damping coefficient
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286. At node of the shaft, the vibrations are
C.Some value between minimum and maximum
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287. In underdamped vibrating system, the amplitude of vibration with reference to time
A.Increases linearly
B.Increases exponentially
C.Decreases linearly
D.Decreases exponentially
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