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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

239. The time period of a simple pendulum when oscillating in water in comparison to when oscillating in air will be
D.Could be more or less depending upon its length
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240. The time for complete oscillation, of a simple pendulum when its amplitude is increased will
C.Remain same
D.May increase or decrease depending on length
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241. If the primary direct crank of a reciprocating engine is located at 0? anticlockwise, then secondary direct crank will be located
A.0? clockwise
B.20? clockwise
C.20? anticlockwise
D.00 anticlockwise
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242. In order to facilitate the starting of locomotive in any position, the cranks of a locomotive with two cylinders are placed at following angle to each other
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243. Hammer blow occur when the c.g. of the balance weight is
A.Directly above the wheel centre
B.Directly below the wheel centre
C.Directly above or below the wheel centre
D.At angle 0
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244. Partial balancing in locomotive results in
A.Hammer blow
B.Variation in tractive effort
C.Swaying couple
D.All of the above
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245. Primary forces are usually balanced
B.Partially, half
C.Partially, two-thirds
D.Partially, one-third
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