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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

232. The period of a simple pendulum can be doubled by increasing the length
A.2 times
B.1/2 times
C.4 times
D.1/4 times
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233. The accelcration in S.H.M. is proportional to
A.Length of pendulum '
B.Time period
C.Angular velocity
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234. Frequency of oscillation of a compound pendulum having same distance between point of suspension and c.g. of mass as a simple pendulum will be
D.Depends on other factors
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235. The maximum efficiency of worm and gear wheel is
A.Dependent on whether worm is the driver
B.Dependent on whether gear wheel is the driver
C.Independent of whether the worm or gear wheel is the driver
D.There is no such criterion
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236. The motion of a particle from one extremity to other executes following number of oscillations
A.One full oscillation
B.2 oscillations
C.Half oscillation
D.4 oscillation
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237. The critical speed depends on
C.Mass and stiffness
D.Mass, stiffness and eccentricity
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238. The factor which affects critical speed of shaft is
B.Span of shaft
C.Diameter of disc
D.All of the above
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