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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

225. In order to balance the reciprocating masses
A.Primary and secondary forces must be balanced
B.Primary couple must be balanced
C.Secondary couple must be balanced
D.All of the above
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226. Partial balancing means
A.Partially balance the revolving masses
B.Partially balance the reciprocating masses
C.Best balancing of engines
D.All of the above
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227. Gear box of a car utilises
A.Compound train
B.Simple train
C.Epicyclic gears
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228. If a more stiff spring is used in Hartnell governor, then the governor will be
A.More sensitive
B.Less sensitive
C.Sensitivity remains unaffected
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229. A spring controlled governor will be stable if the straight control line force curve when produced will intersect y-axis
A.At origin
B.Below x-axis
C.Above x-axis
D.There is no such criterion
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230. The motion of a pendulum is S.H.M. only when its amplirude is
C.Equal to length of pendulum
D.May have any value
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231. The periodic time of a simple pendulum depends on
A.Size of bob
B.Length of pendulum.
C.Material of bob
D.Amplitude of swing
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