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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

218. In locomotives, the ratio of length of connecting rod to crank radius is kept very large in order to
A.Facilitate quick starting
B.Minimise primary forces
C.Minimise the effect of secondary forces
D.Achieve perfect balancing
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219. Partial balancing in locomotives results in
A.Hammer blow, variation of tractive effort, swaying couple
B.Least wear
C.Most smooth operation
D.Better performance of engine
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220. pick up the wrong statement. Viscous force required to cause a plate to slide over a parallel plate is proportional to
A.Coefficient of viscosity of lubricant separating two plates
B.Area of plate
C.Velocity of sliding
D.Lubricant thickness
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221. In hydrostatic bearing, pressure to lubricant is supplied by
A.External source
B.Partially external and partially from rotation of journal
C.Not supplied by external source
D.Shaft driven pump
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222. Swaying couple results due to
A.Primary disturbing force
B.Secodary disturbing force
C.Partial balancing
D.Use of two cylinders
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223. The effect of swaying couple is resisted by
A.The side pressure between the flanges of the tyres of the wheel and the inside of the rails
C.Dead weight on the wheels
D.Balancing weight in the wheels
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224. Purpose of using differential gear in automobile is to
A.Control speed
B.Avoid jerks
C.Help in turning
D.Obtain rear movement
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