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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

15. Kinematic pairs are those which have two elements that
A.Have line contact
B.Have surface contact
C.Permit relative motion
D.Are held together

16. A simple mechanism has
A.1 link
B.2 links
C.3 links
D.4 links

17. The lower pair is a
A.Open pair
B.Does not exist.
C.Sliding pair
D.Point contact pair

18. Automobile steering gear is an exrimple of
A.Higher pair
B.Lower pair.
C.Turning pair
D.Rotary pair

19. In higher pair, the relative motion is
A.Purely turning
B.Combination of sliding and turning.
C.Purely rotary
D.Purely surface contact

20. Which of the following has sliding motion
B.Connecting rod
C.Crank pin

21. The;,example of higher pair is
A.Belt, rope and chain drives
B.Gears, cams
C.Ball and roller bearings
D.All of the above

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