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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

190. The surface of the gear tooth below the pitch surface is called
A.Bottom tooth
D.Dedendum portion
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191. The transverse section of a helical gear is? identical to
A.Bevel gear
B.Spill' gear
C.Worm gear
D.All of the above
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192. According to law of gearing
A.Teeth should be of involute type
B.Nbne of these.
C.Dedendum shod be equal to 1.157 m
D.Teeth should be of cycloidal type
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193. Bevel gears are used to transmit rotary motion between two shafts whose axes are
B.None of the above.
D.Any of the above
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194. Which is incorrect statement about gears
A.Pitch circle is always bigger than base circle
B.Angular velocity ratio is inversely, proportional to radius of base circle from which the involute is generated
C.Addendum is bigger than dedendum
D.PCD = module x No. of teeth.
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195. Which is false statement about the properties of involute profile
A.The shape of involute profile is dependent only on the dimensions of base circle
B.The angular velocity ratio when two involutes are in mesh, is directly proportional to the size of the base circles
C.Involute is the only tooth from that is not sensitive to centre distance of their base circles
D.Basic rack for involute tooth profile has straight line form
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196. The gear train in which the first and last gear are on the same axis, is known as -
A.Uniaxial gear train
B.Reverted gear train.
C.Compound gear train
D.Epicyclic gear train
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