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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

183. The ratio of number of teeth and pitch cirele diameter is clled
B.Circular pitch
C.Diametral pitch
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184. Whith of the following does not changt With the conditions of the mating gears
A.Pitch circle diameter
B.Base circle
C.Pressure angle
D.All of the above
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185. The circle passing through the bottom of the teeth of gear is known as
A.Inner circle
B.Dedendum circle.
C.Base circle
D.Addendum circle
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186. Pitch circle diameter of an involute gear is
A.Independent of any other element
B.Dependent of pressure angle
C.Constant for a set of meshing gears
D.Proportional to base diameter
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187. Intermediate gears are used for
A.Obtaining rotation in desired direction
B.Any one of the above.
C.Bridging the gap between the first and last wheels of the train
D.Driving auxiliaries incidental to the main drive
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188. In an involute gear, the normal to the involute is tangent to the
A.Pitch circle
B.Base circle
C.Addendum circle
D.Dedendum circle
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189. Gears are considered to be medium velocity type if their peripheral velocity lies in the range of
A.1-3 m/sec
B.3-15 m/sec
C.15-25 m/sec
D.25-50 m/sec
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