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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

134. For measuring powers of machines having high speed and comparatively low outputs, following dynamometer is used
A.Tesla fluid friction dynamometer
B.Electric generator dynamometer
C.Belt transmission dynamometer
D.Rope brake dynamometer
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135. Which of the following is transmission dynamometer
A.Rope brake
B.None of the above.
C.Prony brake
D.Hydraulic dynamometer
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136. The following type of dynamometer is used when it is desired to measure the large powers of the steam turbine propelling the naval ship
A.Epicyclic train dynamometer
B.Torsion dynamometer
C.Electrical /dynamometer
D.Belt transmission dynamometer
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137. The brake commonly used on train boggies is
A.Internal expanding
B.Band brake
C.Band and block brake
D.Shoe brake
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138. Pick up the wrong statement. A flywheel
A.Is used to limit the inevitable fluctuation of speed during each cycle
B.Controls the mean speed of rotation
C.Stores up energy and gives up whenever required
D.Regulates the speed during one cycle of a prime mover
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139. A flywheel absorbs energy during those periods of crank rotation when the turning moment is greater than the resisting moment. The absorption is
A.At constant speed
B.Accompanied by increase in speed
C.Accompanied by decrease in speed
D.Possible at all speeds
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140. The contact angle in tapered roller bearings varies between
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