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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

113. The sense of Corioli's component is such that it
A.Leads the sliding velocity vector by 90?
B.Lags the sliding velocity vector by 90?
C.Is along the sliding velocity vector
D.Leads the sliding velocity vector by 180?

114. Klein's construction can be used when
A.Crank has a uniform angular velocity
B.Crank has non-uniform velocity
C.Crank has uniform angular acceleration
D.Crank has uniform angular velocity and angular acceleration

115. Klein's construction is useful to determine
A.Velocity of various parts
B.Acceleration of various parts
C.Displacement of various parts
D.Angular acceleration of various parts

116. The pressure angle of a cam depends upon
A.Offset between centre lines of cam and follower
B.All of the above.
C.Angle of ascent
D.Sum of radii of base circle and roller follower

117. Cam size depends upon
A.Base circle
B.Pitch circle
C.Prime circle
D.Outer circle

118. Cylindrical cams can be classified as
B.None of the above.
D.All of the above

119. The maximum value of the pressure angle in case of cam is kept as

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