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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Theory of Machines }

78. For a kinematic chain to be considered as mechanism
A.Two links should be fixed
B.One link should be fixed
C.None of the links should be fixed
D.There is no such criterion
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79. An eccentric sheave pivoted at one point rotates and transmits oscillatory motion to a link whose one end is pivoted and other end is connected to it. This mechanism has
A.2 links
B.3 links
C.4 links
D.5 links
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80. Whitworth quick return mechanism is obtained by inversion of
A.Slider crank mechanism
B.Kinematic chain
C.Five link mechanism
D.Roller cam mechanism
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81. In its simplest form, a cam mechanism consists of following number of links
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82. Which of the following mechanisms produces mathematically an exact straight line motion
A.Grasshopper mechanism
B.Watt mechanism
C.Peaucellier's mechanism
D.Tchabichiff mechanism
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83. A kinematic chain requires at least
A.2 links and 3 turning pairs
B.3 links and 4 turning pairs
C.4 links and 4 turning pairs
D.5 links and 4 turning pairs
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84. In a darg link quick return mechanism, the shortest link is always fixed. The sum of the shortest and longest link is
A.Equal to sum of other two
B.Greater than sum of other two
C.Less than sum of other two
D.There is no such relationship
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