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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

43. The elasticity of various materials is controlled by its
A.Ultimate tensile stress
B.Proof stress
C.stress at yield point
D.stress at elastic limit

44. The ratio of lateral strain to the linear strain within elastic limit is known as
A.Young's modulus
B.Poisson's ratio.
C.Modulus of rigidity
D.Modulus of elasticity

45. The ratio of direct stress to volumetric strain in case of a body subjected to thilee mutually perpendicular stresses of equal intensity, is equal to
A.Young's modulus
B.Bulk modulus
C.Modulus of rigidity
D.Modulus of elasticity

46. The stress at which extension of the material takes place more quickly as compared to the increase in lpad is called
A.Elastic point of the material
B.Plastic point of the material
C.Breaking point of the material
D.Yielding point of the material

47. Five specimens of M.S. have their lengths and diameters as 1, d; 21, 2d; 31, 3d ; 41, 4d and 51,5d. Which of these will have largest extension when the same tension is applied to all of them

48. The percentage reduction in area in case of cast iron when it is subjected to tensible test is of the order of

49. In a compression test, the fracture in cast iron specimen would occur along
A.The axis of load
B.Perpendicular to the axis of load
C.An oblique plane
D.Would not occur

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