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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

162. Which of the following is not applicable while determining graphically the resultant of the forces acting on a rigid body
A. use of Bow's notation
B. construction of a funicular polygon
C. construction of a force polygon
D. selection of an arbitrary point called a pole
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163. The resistance offered by a loaded section of a bar per unit area, is called
A. stress
B. strain
C. intensity of stress
D. load.
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164.  The value of the maximum B.M. of the loaded beam of the Q. No. 3 will be
A. 6000 Nm
B. 5000 Nm
C. 6562.5 Nm
D. 6312.5 Nm.
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165. The range within which an eccentric load may be applied on a vertical column to avoid any tensile stress is within the middle
A. half of the section
B. third of the section
C. quarter of the section
D. sixth of the section.
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166. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The shear stress is maximum at the axis of the shaft subjected to a torque
B. The ratio of the polar moment of inertia and the radius of the shaft, is called the polar modulus of the shaft section.
C. Torsinal rigidity of the shaft is the torque that produces a twist of one radian in the length of the shaft
D. The angle of twist in a shaft subjected to a torque is inversely proportional to the twisting moment.
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167. A shaft rotating at (500)r.p.m. produces 80 H.P. (metric). If the maximum/ permissible shearing stress is 850 kg/cm, the required diameter of the shaft is
A. 4.5 cm
B. 5.0 cm
C. 6.0 cm
D. 6.5 cm
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168.  Pick up the correct statement regarding a single concentrated load rolling over a simplysupported girder from the following:
A. The shear force attains the maximum positive magnitude at the sectionXwhen the load reaches the sectionX.
B. The maximum B.M. atthe cross-section occurswhentheload isonthe section itself.
C. The absolutely maximum bending moment anywhereWL inthe girder, occurs atthe centre, equal to 4
D. All the above.
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