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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

155. A rectangular beam 20 cm wide is subjected to a maximum shearing force of 10,000 kg, the corresponding maximum shearing stress being 30 kg/cm2. The depth of the beam is
A. 15 cm
B. 20 cm
C. 25 cm
D. 30 cm,
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156.  For the same height, the bottom width for no tension,
A. for triangular section is more than rectangular section
B. for rectangular section is more than triangular section
C. for triangular section is same as that of a rectangular section
D. none of these.
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157.  A simply supported wooden beam 150 cm long and having a cross section 16 cm x 24 cm carries a concentrated load, at the centre. If the permissible stress ft = 75 kg/cm2 and Is = 10 kg/cm2 the safe load is
A. 3025 kg
B. 3050 kg
C. 3075 kg
D. 3100 kg.
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158. The principal stresses at a point are 100, 100 and -200 kgf/cm2, the octo hedral shear stress at the point is :
A. 100 k gl c m 2
B. 200kg/cm2
C. 300 4-2- kg/cm2
D. 400 Nr2- kgkrn2
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159.  In a tension test, the yield stress is 300 kg/cm2, in the octa hedral shear stress at the point is :
A. 100 kg/cm2
B. 150 -VY kg/cm2
C. 200 kg/cm
D. 250 Ai-2- kg/cm2
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160.  Consider the following statements :A. For the same shear force, maximum shear stress developed in circular section is lesser thain in the rectangular section.R. Circular section is stronger in shear Of these statements:
A. A is true and R is false
B. A is false and R is true
C. Both A and R are true
D. Both A and R are false.
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161. The key of graphic construction is the cancelling of pairs of
A. equal components
B. opposite components
C. collinear components
D. all the above.
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