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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

127.  A diagram which shows the variations of the axial load for all sections of the span of a beam, is called
A. bending moment diagram (b) shear force diagram
B.(c) thrust diagram
C.(d) stress diagram
D. none of these.
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128.  The width b and lepth d of a beam cut from a wooden cylindrical log of 100 cm diameter for maximum strength are:
A. b = 57.73 cm,d= 81.65 cm
B. b = 81.65 cm,d = 57.73 cm
C. b =50.00 cm,d = 50.00 cm
D. b = 40.00 cm,d = 80.00 cm
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129. Beams of uniform strength are preferred to those of uniform section because these are economical for
A. large spans
B. heavy weights
C. light weights
D. short spans.
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130.  A 8 metre long simply supported rectangular beam which carries a distributed load 45 kg/m. experiences a maximum fibre stress 160 kg/cm2. If the moment of inertia of the beam is 640 cm4, the overall depth of the beam is
A. 10 cm
B. 12 cm
C. 15 cm
D. 16 cm
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131.  If a rectangular beam measuring 10 x 18 x 40Q cm carries a unformly distributed load such that the bending stress developed is 100 kg/cm2. The intensity of the load per metre length, is
A. 240 kg
B. 250 kg
C. 260 kg
D. 270 kg
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132.  In the cantilever truss' (Fig. 6.1), the horizontal component of the reaction at A, is
A. 30 tonnes
B. 60 tonnes
C. 90 tonnes
D. 120 tonnes
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133.  The direction of the reaction at support B of a truss shown in Fig. 6.3 will beFig. 6.3
A. East of North
B. West of North
C. East of South
D. West of South
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