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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

115. At the principal planes
A.The normal stress is maximum or minimum and the shear stress is zero
B.The tensile and compressive stresses are zero
C.The tensile stress is zero and the shear stress is maximum
D.No stress acts

116. If a material is subjected to a tensile load, then to avoid the shear failure of a material along a plane inclined at 45? to the direction of the tensile stress, the material should have its shear strength at least equal to
A.Its tensile strength
B.Half the tensile strength
C.Its compressive strength
D.Principal stress

117. The forces in the various members of a perfect frame can be found out from
A.Method of joints
B.Method of section
C.Graphical ,method
D.Any one of the above

118. A large cylindrical vessel was sealed in summer. What is likely to happen to it in winter
C.Buckle and collapse
D.Become lighter

119. Pressure vessels are not made of rectangular shape, because
A.These are difficult to fabricate
B.They are not economical
C.They do not give pleasing appearance
D.It has been practice to use cylindrical vessels

120. A spherical vessel with an inside diameter of 2 m is made of material having an allowable stress in tension of 500 kg/cm2. The thickness of a shell to withstand a pressure of 25 kg/cm2 should be
A.5 cm
B.10 cm
C.2.5 cm
D.1.25 cm

121. Units of strain are

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