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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

113.  When loads are applied proportionately to a frame structure containing its members in one plane, the structure is called
A. grid frame
B. plane frame
C. space frame
D. truss frame.
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114.  A cylinder is said to be thin if the ratio of its thickness and diameter, is less than
A. 1/25
B. 1/20
C. 1/15
D. 1/10
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115.  In a loaded beam, the point of contraflexture occurs at a section where
A. bending moment is minimum
B. bending moment is zero or changes sign
C. bending moment is maximum
D. shearing force is maximum
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116. The areas of cross-section of a square beam and a circular beam subjected to equal bending moments, are same.
A. circular beam is more economical
B. square beam is more economical
C. both the beams are equally strong
D. both the beams are equally economical
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117.  The stress in the wall of a cylinder in a direction normal to its longitudinal axis, due to a force acting along the circumference, is known as
A. yield stress
B. longitudinal stress
C. hoop stress
D. circumferential stress
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118. In a shaft rotated by a couple, the shear force varies
A. from zero at the centre to a maximum at the circumference
B.(b ) from minimum at the centre of maximum at the circumference
C. from maximum at the centre to zero at the circumference
D. equally throughout the section
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119.  In a square beam loaded longitudinally, shear develops
A. on middle fibre along horizontal plane
B. on lower fibre along horizontal plane
C. on top fibre along vertical plane
D. equally on each fibre along horizontal plane
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