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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

106. A member which does not regain its original shape after removed of load producing deformation is said
A. plastic
B. elastic
C. rigid
D. none of these.
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107.  Strain energy of any member may be defined as work done on it
A. to deform it
B. to resist elongation
C. to resist shortening
D. all the above.
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108.  Strain energy of a member may be equated to
A. average resistance x displacement
B. -2 stress x strain x area of its cross-section
C. -2 stress x strain x volume of the member
D. (stress)2 x volume of the member + Young's modulus 2
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109. The maximum stress intensity due to a suddenly applied load is x-times the stress intensity produced by the load of the same magnitude applied gradually. The value of x is
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110. A member which is subjected to reversible tensile or compressive stress may fail at a stress lower than the ultimate stress of the material. This property of metal, is called
A. plasticity of the metal
B. elasticity of the metal
C. fatigue of the metal
D. workability of the metal.
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111. The phenomenon of slow growth of strain under a steady tensile stress, is called
A. yielding
B. creeping
C. breaking
D. none of these.
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112.  The tension coefficient of any member is
A. force divided by the length
B. tension divided by the length
C. tension per unit area
D. tension in the member.
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