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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

99.  Ties are load carrying members of a frame, which are subjected to
A. transverse loads
B. axial tension loads
C. axial compressive loads
D. torsional loads.
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100. Struts are load carrying members of a frame structure which are subjected to
A. axial tension loads
B. axial compressive loads
C. torsional loads
D. transverse loads.
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101. The shear stress at any section of a shaft is maximum
A. at the centre of the section
B. at a distance r/2 from the centre
C. at the top of the surface
D. at a distance 3/4 r from the centre
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102.  The following assumption is not true in the theory of pure torsion :
A. The twist along the shaft is uniform
B. The shaft is of uniform circular section throughout
C. Cross-section of the shaft, which is plane before twist remains plane after twist
D. All radii get twisted due to torsion.
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103.  In a shaft shear stress intensity at a point is not,
A. directly proportional to the distance from the axis
B. inversely proponional to the distance from the axis
C. inversely proportional to the polar moment of inertia
D. directly proportional to the applied torque.
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104.  The maximum twisting moment a shaft can resist, is the product of the permissible shear stress and
A. moment of inertia
B. polar moment of inertia
C. polar modulus
D. modulus of rigidly.
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105.  A shaft 9 m long is subjected to a torque 30 t-m at a point 3 m distant from either end. The reactive torque at the nearer end will be
A. 5 tonnes metre
B. 10 tonnes metre
C. 15 tonnes metre
D. 20 tonnes metre
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