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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

93. A structure, made up of sereval bars, joined together is known as

94. A frame in which the number of members is just sufficient to keep it in equilibrium, is ,kno,wn a?
A.Theoretical frame
B.Perfect frame
C.Ideal frame
D.Deficient frame

95. The number of members in a perfect frame having (J) number of joints is equal to

96. The force acting along the circumference will cause stress in the walls in a direction normal , to the longitudinal axis of cylinder; this stress is called
A.Longitudinal stress
B.Hoop stress
C.Yeiled stress
D.Ultimate stress

97. A boiler shell 200 cm diameter and plate thickness 1.5 cm is subjected to internal pressure of 1.5 MN/m , then the hoop stress will be
A.30 MN/m2
B.50 MN/m2
C.100 MN/m2
D.200 MN/m2

98. A cylindrical section having no joint is known as
A.Jointless section
B.Seamless section.
C.Perfect section
D.Manufactured section

99. Longitudinal stress in a thin cylinder is
A.Equal to the hoop stress -
B.Twice the hoop stress
C.Half of the hoop stress
D.One-fourth of hoop stress

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