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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Strength of Materials }

71. In riveted boiler joints, all stresses, shearing, bearing and tensile are based on the
A.Size of rivet
B.Size of the drilled or reared hole
C.Average of size of rivet and hole
D.Smaller of the two

72. The distance between the centres of the rivets in adjacent rows of zig-zag riveted joint is known as
B.Back pitch
C.Diagonal pitch
D.Diametral pitch

73. Efficiency of a riveted joint is the ratio of its strength (max. load it can resismithout. failure) to the strength of the unpunched plate in
D.Any one of the above

74. When two plates are butt together and riveted with cover plates with two rows of rivets, the joint is known as
A.Lap point
B.Butt joint
C.Single riveted single cover butt joint
D.Double riveted double cover butt joint

75. Increase in number of rows of rivets results in
A.Decrease in efficiency of joint
B.Inctease in efficiency of joint
C.No Oiange in efficiency of joint
D.Increase/decrease of efficiency of joint. dependent upon number of the rivets used

76. A riveted joint in which every rivet of a row is opposite to other rivet of the outer row, is known as
A.Chain riveted joint
B.Diamond riveted joint
C.Criss-cross rivetcd joint
D.Zig-zag riveted joint

78. If the rivets in adjacent rows are staggered and the outermost row has only one rivet, the arrangement of the rivets is called
A.Chain riveting
B.Zig zag riveting
C.Diamond riveting
D.Criss-cross riveting

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