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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

211. Pure humidification can be achieved by passing air through the spray water maintained at
A.Wet bulb temperature
B.Dry bulb temperature
C.Dew point temperature
D.Degree of saturation
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212. The following gas is preferred in refrigeration system
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213. The BHP/ton refrigeration requirement with increase in condenser temperature, in a vapour compression system using reciprocating compressor receiving refrigerant gas at constant suction temperature, will follow
A.Linearly decreasing characteristic
B.Linear increasing characteristic
C.First increase and then decrease first increase slowly and then rapidly
D.None of the above.
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214. A cooling tower is to be installed in a place where dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature are almost constant throughout ? Such a proposition is
B.Not desirable
C.Can be considered
D.Other data are required to deterrnine the same
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215. Cooling effect in a cooling tower can be speeded by
A.Increasing air velocity over the wet surfaces
B.Lowering the barometric pressure
C.Reducing humidity of air
D.All of the above
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216. Cooling range in cooling tower is the
A.Difference in temperature of hot water entering and cold water leaving
B.Difference in temperature of the cold water leaving the cooling tower and the wet bulb temperature of sorrounding air
C.Difference in temperature of the cold water and atmospheric temperature
D.Amount of heat thrown away by the cooling tower in kcal/hr
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217. Cooling towers are installed where
A.Water is available in plenty
B.Water is scarce
C.For very big plants
D.For very small plants
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