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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

197. Both dehumidification and cooling can be achieved by passing air over a cooling coil whose effective surface temperature is
A.Higher than the dew point temperature of the entering air
B.Lower than the dew point temperature of the entering air
C.Equal to the dew point temperature of the entering air
D.Lower than the dry bulb temperature of the entering air
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198. Sensible heat ratio, i.e, ratio of sensible heat removed divided by the total heat removed, in most comfort air conditioning is above
D.90% none of the above.
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199. Centigrade and Fahrenheit scale have same reading at
B.? 100?
C.? 25?
D.? 273?
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200. Commonly used liquid absorbent is
A.Silica gel
B.Activated alumina
C.Ethylene glycol
D.Any one of the above
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201. Boiling temperature of ammonia is
A.? 33.33?C
B.? 78.5`C
C.? 29.8?C
D.? 40.7?C
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202. During heating and humidification process, the relative humidity
C.May increase or decrease
D.Remains constant
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203. In sensible heating/cooling, following parameter remains constant
A.Dry bulb temperature
B.Humidity ratio.
C.Relative humidity
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