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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

190. During evaporative cooling process the wet bulb temperature
C.Remains constant
D.May increase/decrease
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191. Sensible heating or cooling process on psychrometric chart is represented by
A.Vertical line
B.Horizontal line
C.Inclined line (increasing)
D.Inclined line (decreasing)
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192. It is permissible to determine the resulting temperature of a mixture of air by the percentage method in the following cases
A.Wet bulb temperature
B.Dry bulb temperature
C.Dew point
D.Saturation temperature
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193. Which of the following parameter increases during heating and humidification process
A.Humidity ratio
B.All of the above.
C.Wet bulb temperature
D.Saturation temperature
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194. Sensible heat is the heat
A.That can be added or removed form a substance without a change of state
B.That is required to _change the state of a substance
C.Corresponding to latent heat
D.None of the above.
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195. During sensible cooling process, wet bulb temperature
A.Remains same
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196. Dew point temperature is always an indication of
A.Dryness of air
B.Latent heat
C.Moisture content of the air
D.Coolness of air
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