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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

183. On psychrometric chart, dew point temperature lines are
C.Straight inclined sloping downward to the right
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184. With decrease in relative humidity, the dew point becomes
A.More than wet bulb temperature
B.Less than wet bulb temperature
C.Equal to wet bulb temperature
D.More than dry bulb temperature
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185. During the sensible cooling process
A.Specific humidity remains constant
B.Specific humidity increases
C.Specific humidity decreases
D.Specific humidity is unpredictable
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186. Which of the following parameter decreases during sensible cooling of air
A.Specific humidity
B.Relative humidity
C.Dry bulb temperature
D.Wet bulb temperature
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187. Air craft refrigeration cycle employs centrifugal compressor in place of reciprocating compressor, and gas turbine in place of reciprocating expander for the following reason
A.High compression/expansion ratio
B.Less maintenance problem
C.Capability of handling larger volume of air
D.Less power consumption.
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188. In humidification process'
A.Relative humidity increases
B.Relative humidity decreases
C.Specific humidity increases
D.Specific humidity decreases
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189. Sensible heating or cooling of air is the process of heating or cooling
A.At same humidity ratio
B.While changing the humidity ratio
C.At constant dry bulb temperature
D.At same wet bulb temperature
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