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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

162. For a given dry bulb temperature, as the relative humidity decreases, the wet bulb temperature will
C.Be same
D.Increase/decrease depending on other factors
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163. The difference between dry bulb and wet bulb temperature increases as
A.Air becomes wetter
B.Air becomes drier
C.Atmospheric temperature rises
D.Atmospheric temperature decreases
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164. The ratio of kg of moisture actually contained per kg of dry air to the kg of moisture required to-saturate 1 kg of air at the same dry bulb temperature is known as
A.Humidity ratio
B.Relative humidity
C.Degree of saturation
D.Specific humidity
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165. At 100% relative humidity, the temperatures?dry bulb, wet bulb, dew point and , saturation are
C.Two equal, two different
D.Three equal, one different
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166. Sensible heat is the heat needed to
A.Vaporise water into steam and vice versa
B.Change the temperature of a liquid or vapour
C.Convert water into steam and superheat it
D.Measure dew point temperature
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167. Adiabatic saturation is the process of
A.Increasing humidity ratio without change in heat content
B.Keeping humidity ratio constant with change in dry bulb temperature -
C.Heating air without changing humidity ratio
D.Adding moisture at same wet bulb temperature
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168. Air is dehumidified by
B.(c) above
C.Chemical absorption
D.(a) and
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