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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

155. Wet bulb temperature is
A.Less than dry bulb temperature
B.Same as saturation temperature
C.Indication of moisture content in air
D.Most important parameter used in psychrometric problems
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156. The psychrometric chart in air conditioning determines the
A.Wet bulb and dry bulb temperature
B.Psychrometric temperature requirements
C.Saturation temperature and relative humidity
D.Moist air conditions
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157. The weight of the water vapour in kg contained in 1 m3 of air-vapour mixture at its total pressure is known is
A.Degree of saturation
B.Vapour density.
C.Humidity ratio
D.Relative humidity
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158. The comfort conditions in air conditioning system are defined by
A.22?C dry bulb temperature (DBT) and ' 60% relative humidity (RH)
B.25?C DBT and 100% RH
C.20?C DBT and 75% RH
D.15?C DBT and 80% RH
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159. Percentage humidity or degree, of saturation is the
A.Mass in kg of water vapour contained in the air-vapour mixture-per kg of dry air
B.Mass of the water vapour in kg contained in m3 of air vapour mixture at its total pressure
C.Ratio of kg of moisture actually contained per kg of dry air and kg of moisture required to saturate one kg of dry air at same dry bulb temperature
D.Ratio of the mass of water vapour in air in a given volume at a given temperature to the mass of water -vapour contained in the5 same .----tibiume at same temperature when air is saturated
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160. At 100% relative humidity, wet bulb temperature is
A.More than dew point
B.Less than dew point
C.Same as dew point
D.Has no relation with dew point
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161. As relative humidity decreases, the dew point will be
A.Lower than wet bulb temperature
B.Higher than wet bulb temperature
C.Equal to wet bulb temperature
D.No such correlation exists
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