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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

148. The ratio of the actual partial pressure of the water vapour of the air-vapour mixture, to the pressure of the saturated water vapour at the same dry bulb temperature of the air, is known as
A.Relative humidity
B.Absolute humidity
C.Specific humidity
D.Humidity ratio
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149. Dew point temperature is constant as long as there is
A.No change in moisture content of the air
B.No change in the volume of air
C.No change in wet bulb and dry bulb temperature
D.No change in relative and specific humidity of air
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150. Heating of air without changing its moisture content takes place on psychrometric chart along
A.A horizontal line of the constant dew point
B.Rising line
C.Falling line
D.Curved line
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151. Spray humidifying is the process of adding moisture to the air by passing it through
B.Air conditioning plant
D.Any one of the above
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152. Dehumidification is the process of removing moisture from air with dry bulb temperature
C.Remaining constant
D.Changing in any direction
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153. The saturation temperature of the water at the partial pressure of the water vapour in the air-vapour mixture is known as
A.Dry bulb temperature
B.Wet bulb temperature
C.Dew point 'temperature
D.Saturation temperature
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154. Which of the following relationship is wrong
A.Total heat of moist air varies with wet bulb' temperature
B.None of the above is wrong statement. 7.174, Relative humidity is the
C.Latent heat depends on dew point
D.Dew point is fixed by the amount of moisture present
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