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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

141. The air temperature at which water vapour in the air starts condensing is known as
A.Dry bulb temperature
B.Wet bulb temperature
C.Saturation temperature
D.Dew point temperature
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142. Dew point is
A.The temperature at which condensation of steam in saturated air will start
B.The lowest attainable temperature for a mixture of air and steam
C.Dependent on pressure of air
D.Used in connection with air conditioning
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143. As warm air cools, its relative humidity
C.Remains unaffected
D.Increases upto a limit and then decreases
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144. The process of addition of moisture to air at the constant dry bulb temperature is known as
C.Sensible cooling
D.Air conditioning
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145. Indication of amount of moisture in air is given by
A.Dry bulb temperature
B.Wet bulb temperature
C.Dew point temperature
D.Saturation temperature
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146. Wet bulb temperature is
A.Indication of amount of moisture in air
B.Measured by wetting the bulb of the thermometer
C.Less than dry-bulb temperature
D.Dependent on the dryness and temperature of air
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147. Humidity ratio or specific humidity is the
A.Mass in kg of water vapour contained in the air-vapour mixture per kg of dry air
B.Mass of the water vapour in kg contained in m3 of air vapour mixture at its total pressure
C.Ratio of kg of moisture actually contained per kg of dry air and kg of moisture required to saturate one kg of dry air at same dry bulb temperature ratio of the mass of water vapour in air in a given iiolume at a given temperature to the mass of water vapour contained in the same volume at same temperature when air is saturated (e) mass of vapour in a unit volume of dry air in an air vapour mixture.
D.7.167. The ratio of the actual partial pressure of the water vapour of the air-vapour mixture, to the pressure of the saturated water vapour at the same dry bulb temperature of the air, is known as
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