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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

134. Choose the correct statement
A.Automatic expansion valve can be used to control superheat and subcooling
B.Amount of heat rejected by condenser is equal to amount of heat absorbed by evaporator
C.Evaporator rejects heat from the refrigerating system
D.Condensation is the process of changing vapour into liquid at constant temperature
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135. Which of the following refrigerating plants requires no electricity
A.Vapour absorption
B.Vapour compression
D.Vortex tube
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136. Which of the following refrigerants has the lowest freezing point temperature
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137. Cryogenics refers to
A.Refrigeration at low temperature
B.Thermodynamic analysis at low temperature
C.Refrigeration and air conditioning in aeroplane
D.Engineering field concerned with equipment in the range of ? 180?C to absolute zero
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138. Chemical formula of Freon-12 is
A.C C12 F2
B.C C12 f3.L.
C.C C13 F2
D.C C13 F3
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139. Air conditioning is concerned with maintaining
D.All the three above
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140. Relative humidity is
A.Something concerned with air conditioning
B.The ratio of moisture present in air to the capability of air to hold maximum moisture
C.The ratio of actual humidity to absolute humidity
D.Representative of amount of moisture held in air
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