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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and AC }

113. The purpose of installing a flash chamber in the refrigeration circuit is to
A.Improve overall heat transfer coefficient
B.Reduce pressure losses through the evaporator
C.Reduce the size of evaporator by avoiding vapours going to evaporator
D.All of the above

114. Which of the following refrigerants has the highest critical point temperature

115. The work input requirement for ammonia-absorption refrigeration cycle is low, because
A.Ammonia has high thermal conductivity
B.Pumping process involves liquid.
C.Ammonia is compressed in gaseous form
D.Pumping process involves vapour

116. The following type of expansion device is utilised in flooded evaporator
A.Motor operated valve
B.Float valve.
C.Capillary tube
D.Thermostatic device

117. Subcooling occurs when the vapour
A.Removes latent heat from the refrigerant
B.Removes sensible heat from the refrigerant
C.Has high latent heat
D.Has low latent heat

118. Choose the correct statement
A.The absorption system is well known for its silent operation
B.Automatic expansion valve is used to automatically control superheat
C.Capillary tube can't be used for metering Condenser is usually located inside the refrigerated space
D.(e) Refrigerant absorbs heat in the condenser.

119. Which of the following refrigerant characteristics change constantly during the cooling cycle
A.Pressure and phase
B.Phase and flow
C.Flow and temperature
D.Temperature and pressure

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