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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and AC }

106. Which of the following is not a function of refrigerant oil ?
A.To remove heat
B.To lubricate the moving parts of the compressor
C.To help insulate the refrigerant lines
D.To form a seal for the compressor valves

107. Oil separator in a refrigeration cycle is installed between the
A.Compressor and condenser
B.Condenser and metering device
C.Metering device and evaporator
D.Evaporator and compressor

108. A receiver is fitted in refrigeration unit in order to
A.Allow for variation of load
B.Remove heat
C.Conserve heat
D.Form seal for compressor valves

109. The following leak detector can be used on a positive halocarbon refrigerant system
A.Ammonia soaked swab
B.Sulphur candle
C.Electronic leak detector
D.Any one of the above

110. Moisture in a refrigerant system is removed by
D.All of the above

111. Cooling water at the inlet of condenser of a refrigeration plant enters at 20?C and leaves at 25?C. The refrigerant would be condensing at about

112. The ideal location for a filter-drier in a refrigeration cycle is the point where it will remove moisture before the moisture enters the
C.Colitside of system
D.Warn side of system

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