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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

99. The most suitable refrigerant for a commercial ice plant is
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100. Leaks in brine system can be detected by
A.Halide torch which on detection produces greenish flame lighting
B.Sulphur sticks which on detection give white smoke
C.Using reagents
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101. Big refrigeration plants (of capacity of the order of 1000 tons) usually employ following type of refrigeration plant
A.Vapour absorption
B.Vapour compression
C.Air cycle
D.Electrolux refrigerator
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102. For ammonia system, the pipe should be of following material
C.Cast steel or wrought iron
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103. In an atmospheric cooling tower, the temperature of the circulating water can be reduced to
A.10-15? above surrounding atmosphere
B.Equal to surrounding atmosphere
C.10-15? below surrounding atmosphere
D.50-60? below surrounding atmosphere
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104. If ice in a plant is made at ? 6?C and if temperature difference between ice and refrigerant is 5?C, then refrigerant temperature is
A.? 1?C
D.? 6?C
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105. The refrigerant is never filled to more than 80% of the rated capacity while refilling the refrigerant cylinder because
A.To avoid refrigerant decomposition
B.The cylinder would be too heavy for easy handling
C.The 20% vapour space provides a safety margin for liquid expansion when the surrounding temperature rises
D.The cylinders would become top heavy if filled 100% and tend to fall from the upright position
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