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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Refrigeration and Air Conditioning }

92. The denser air system (air above atmospheric pre sure throughout the cycle), as compared to open air system, for same range of temperature in Bell-Colemann cycle results in
A.Lower C.O.P.
B.Higher C.O.P.
C.Same C.O.P.
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93. Lithium bromide in vapour absorption refrigeration system is used as
B.Cooling substance
C.Auxiliary refrigerant
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94. In electrolux refrigerator
A.Ammonia is absorbed in hydrogen
B.Ammonia evaporates in hydrogen
C.Ammonia is absorbed in water
D.Hydrogen evaporates in ammonia
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95. What pressure is allowed on ammonia system's high pressure side in absorption refrigeration system
B.5-10 kg/cm2
C.17-20 kg/cm2
D.25-30 kg/cm2
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96. Fittings in ammonia absorption refrigeration system are made of
A.Cast steel or forgings
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97. Reciprocating refrigeration compressor uses following type of valve
A.Rotary valve
B.Ring plate valve.
C.Globe valve
D.Poppet valve
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98. The denser air system as compared to open air system, for same range of temperatures in Bell-Colemann cycle results in
A.Lower H.P./ton of refrigeration
B.Higher n2./ton of refrigeration
C.Same H.P.Iton of refrigeration
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