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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

687. Ceramic tips are prepared from
A.Tungsten powder
B.Carbon powder
C.Aluminium oxide powder
D.Silicon carbide powder
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688. Which of the following are cast alloys containing tungsten and chromium carbides in a matrix of cobalt and chromium
B.Tungsten carbides
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689. Carbide tips are fixed to the shanks of cutting tools by
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690. The most wear-resistant grade of carbide used for cutting tools is the straight
A.Iron carbide
B.Calcium carbide
C.Tungsten carbide
D.Nickel carbide
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691. With increase in cutting speed, the finish
A.Improves considerably
B.Improves slightly
C.Remains same
D.Gets poor
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692. When turning a long shaft on a lathe, its bending can be prevented by
A.Running the shaft at low speed
B.Using steady rest
C.Using low depth of cut
D.Using sturdy machine
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693. In oblique cutting system, the chip thickness is
A.Maximum at middle
B.Maximum at sides
C.Minimum at middle
D.Uniform throughout
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