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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

673. Continuous chips are formed when machining
A.Ductile metal
B.Brittle material
C.Heat treated material
D.With lot of pressure and heat against the tool
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674. A 5° taper over 5 mm length is to be made on a 100 mm diameter job. Which method should be used?
A.Taper turning attachment
B.Tailstock offset method
C.Compound rest method
D.Form tool method
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675. Chip breakers are provided on cutting tools
A.For safety of operator
B.To minimise heat generation
C.To permit easy access of coolant at tool point
D.To permit short segmented chips
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676. Tool life is said to be over when
A.Finish of work becomes too rough
B.A certain amount of wear or cratering occurs on the flank
C.Chattering starts
D.Cutter looks dull
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677. In the Taylor equation VT^n = C, value of index n is closely related to
A.Workpiece material
B.Cutting tool material
C.Working conditions
D.Temperature at chip tool interface
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678. Wear limit on cutting tool is of the order of
A.0.2 mm
B.0.8 mm
C.1.6 mm
D.2.5 mm
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679. With high speed steel tools, the maximum safe operating temperature is of the order of
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