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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

659. End mills designed for cutting aluminium have
A.Fast helix angle
B.Highly polished flutes
C.Highly polished cutting edges
D.All of the above
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660. The part of the back of tooth adjacent to the cutting edge which is relieved to avoid interference between the surface being machined and the cutter is called
D.Cutting edge
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661. The centre of an existing hole is located
A.By hit and trial
B.By calipers
C.Using dividing head
D.With a dial indicator mounted in the machine spindle
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662. When locating a number of positions on a workpiece, the backlash in the machine screws can be eliminated by
A.Backlash device
B.Using new screw
C.Positioning the workpiece always from the same direction
D.First taking it forward and then backward
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663. Drill press size is determined by
A.The largest drill that will fit the machine
B.The largest diameter work that can be drilled on centre
C.Size of table
D.None of the above
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664. When a workpiece requires several operations such as drilling, counter-boring, reaming etc., the following machine should be used
A.Radial drilling machine
B.Multispindle drilling machine
C.Hand drilling machine
D.Gang-drilling machine
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665. Counter-sinking is the operation of
A.Enlarging the end of a hole cylindrically
B.Cone-shaped enlargement of the end of a hole
C.Smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole
D.Sizing and finishing a hole
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