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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

638. In helical milling, the ratio of the circumference of the gear blank to the lead of the helix gives the
A.Angle setting of the machine table
B.Proper speed to use
C.Proper feed and depth of cut required
D.No. of teeth to be cut
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639. The accurate spacing of teeth in a gear blank requires the use of
A.A dividing head
B.An index plate
C.A gear tooth vernier
D.A differential mechanism
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640. Helical gears can be cut on following type of milling machine
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641. Feed rate in milling operation is expressed as
B.Mm/r.p.m. of the milling cutter
D.Revolution per minute
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642. Milling cutters are mounted on a part called the
A.Bracket or brace
D.Dividing head
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643. The angle between the face of the blade and a line passing through the nose parallel to the milling cutter axis is called
A.Axial rake
B.Radial rake
C.Relief angle
D.Clearance angle
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644. Negative rake is usually provided on
A.H.S.S. tools
B.High carbon steel tools
C.Cemented carbide tools
D.All of the above
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