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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

631. Plain milling cutters, if used to mill steps or grooves, would cause
A.Very good surface finish
B.Extreme rubbing
C.Dulling of the surface
D.Excessive power consumption
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632. Stagger tooth milling cutters in comparison to straight tooth side mills
A.Permit smoother cutting action
B.Have more chip clearance
C.Permit deeper cuts
D.All of the above
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633. A universal dividing head is used to perform a milling operation by
A.Plain indexing
B.Direct indexing
C.Differential indexing
D.Compound indexing
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634. Standard taper generally used on milling machine spindles is
B.Brown and Sharpe
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635. For sharpening milling cutters, the width of the land can be reduced by grinding
A.Primary clearance angle
B.Secondary clearance angle
C.Rake angle
D.Suitable nose radius
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636. Dovetail milling cutter falls under the category of
A.A plain milling cutter
B.A side milling cutter
C.An end milling cutter
D.A shaping tool
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637. A perfect square on the end of a round shaft can be milled by mounting it on
A.A differential
B.A compound rest
C.An index plate
D.A dividing head
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