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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

582. The recommended value of rake angle for machining aluminium with high speed steel tool is
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583. The angle between the face of the tool and the plane parallel to the base of the cutting tool is called
A.Rake angle
B.Cutting angle
C.Clearance angle
D.Lip angle
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584. The recommended value of rake angle for machining aluminium with cemented carbide tool is
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585. The normal back rake angle of carbide single point cutting tool for machining aluminium is of the order of
A.—5° to 0°
B.0 to 5°
C.0 to 10°
D.10 to 15°
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586. The cutting speed of high speed steel twist drill to machine grey cast iron is
A.10-20 m/min
B.25-40 m/min
C.50-80 m/min
D.100-160 m/min
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587. The metal cutting wedge is fundamental to the geometry of
A.Hand tools
B.Power driven tools
C.Lathe tools
D.All of the above
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588. The tool life of a single point cutting tool with increase in back rake angle with other parameters constant, will
A.Increase slightly
B.Decrease slightly
C.Remain unchanged
D.Increase tremendously
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