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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

498. Electron beam machining process is suitable for the following type of material
A.Low melting point and high thermal conductivity
B.Low melting point and low thermal conductivity
C.High melting point and high thermal conductivity
D.All of the above
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499. Very hard, fragile and heat sensitive materials can be machined by
A.Hot machining
B.Explosive forming
C.Electrical discharge machining
D.High velocity forming
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500. Ultrasonic machining finds application for
A.Production of tapped holes and threads in brittle materials
B.Die casting
C.Machining sintered carbides and diamonds etc
D.All of the above
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501. In ultrasonic drilling process, the tool is usually given
A.The rotary motion
B.The reciprocating motion
C.The linear motion
D.Both the rotary motion and the reciprocating motion
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502. The electrodes used in the electro-chemical machining process must be made of
B.An electrically conducting material
C.A dielectric
D.An insulating material
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503. The following non-conventional method of machining essentially requires electrolyte
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504. A hole of 1 min is to be drilled in glass. It could best be done by
A.Laser drilling
B.Plasma arc drilling
C.Ultrasonic method
D.Electro-chemical discharge method
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