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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

484. Chemical milling operation is performed
A.On plain milling machine
B.On universal milling machine
C.In a tank having agitator facility
D.On any one of above machines
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485. In the electrolytic grinding process, following type of grinding wheel is generally used
A.Aluminium oxide
B.Silicon carbide
C.Tungsten carbide
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486. Chemical reagents and etchants are used in the following machining method
B.Plasma arc
D.Chemical machining
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487. In spark erosion machining process which is used for diesinking, the usual tool material is
A.High speed steel
C.Tungsten carbide
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488. Laser stands for
A.Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
B.Light amplification by strong emission of radiation
C.Light amplification by stimulated energy of radiation
D.Light amplification by stimulated energy of radiation
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489. Laser beam machining process is used for machining
A.Very thick materials
B.Thin materials
C.Heavy sections
D.Is not used for machining
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490. In abrasive jet machining process, the abrasive particles should be
A.Perfectly round
B.Made of diamond powder
C.Around 1 mm in size
D.Of irregular shape
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