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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

477. The cutting tool used in the spark erosion machining process is called
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478. The machining process in which the metal of a workpiece is dissolved into an electrolyte solution is called
A.Electro-discharge machining
B.Ultrasonic machining
C.Electro-chemical machining
D.Chemical machining
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479. The machining method which uses abrasive slurry is known as
A.Electro-discharge machining
B.Laser machining
C.Plasma arc machining
D.Ultrasonic machining
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480. A big advantage of electro-chemical machining over electro-discharge machining is that
A.It can cut harder materials
B.Tool wear is negligible
C.It consumes less power
D.Its cost is low
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481. The size of abrasive grains in abrasive jet machining varies between
A.1 to 10 microns
B.10 to 50 microns
C.50 to 100 microns
D.100 to 500 microns
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482. Which is correct statement about electrochemical grinding operation
A.Grinding pressure is high
B.Very hard materials can be ground precisely
C.Defects like grinding cracks, tempering of work take place
D.Dimensional control is little problem
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483. Machining centre is a
A.Numerical controlled (NC) machine tool
B.Next logical step beyond NC machine
C.Group of automatic machine tools
D.Automatic tool changing unit
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