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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

379. The wear on the cross slide or compound rest can be taken up by tightening the adjustable
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380. The workpiece motion and tool motion respectively in vertical boring machine are
A.Stationary and rotational
B.Rotational and translational
C.Translational and rotational
D.Stationary and rotational with translational
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381. Tubular gears are the gears used in
A.Milling machine to change direction of rotation by 90°
B.Lathe for reversing direction of rotation
C.Lathe for increasing/decreasing cutting speed
D.Lathe for cutting threads
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382. In machine tools, chatter is due to
A.Free vibrations
B.Random vibrations
C.Forced vibrations
D.Self-excited vibrations
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383. The usual ratio of forward and return stroke in shaper is
A.2 : 1
B.1 : 2
C.2 : 3
D.3 : 2
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384. Half nut is connected with
A.Milling machine
B.Locking device
C.Jigs and fixtures
D.Thread cutting on lathe
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385. Lathe bed is usually made of
A.Structural steel
B.Stainless Steel
C.Cast iron
D.Mild steel
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