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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

351. In combination dies
A.Two or more cutting operations can be performed simultaneously
B.Cutting and formation operations are combined and carried out in single operation
C.Workpiece moves from one station to other with separate operation performed at each station
D.All of the above
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352. The purpose of jigs and fixtures is to
A.Increase production rate
B.Facilitate interchangeable manufacture
C.Enable employ less skilled operators
D.All of the above
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353. Bulging is the operation
A.In which the edges of sheet are turned over to provide stiffness and a smooth edge
B.Of producing contours in sheet metal and of bending previously roll formed sections
C.Employed to expand a tubular or cylindrical part
D.None of the above
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354. Which of the following is a gear finishing operation
D.Shaving or burnishing
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355. In press operation, the size of the pierced hole is dependent on the size of
C.Average of punch and die
D.Punch and clearance
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356. Steel billets for extrusion are heated in the range of
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357. For drawing operation, the best suited press is
A.Knuckle joint press
B.Crank shaft and connecting rod press
C.Toggle press
D.Rack and pinion press
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