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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

29. The brazing metals and alloys commonly used are
B.Silver alloys
C.Aluminium alloys
D.All of the above

30. Forge welding is best suited for
A.Stainless steel
B.High carbon steel
C.Cast iron
D.Wrought iron

31. Two sheets of different materials but same thickness can be spot welded by
A.Adjusting the current
B.Adjusting the time duration of current
C.Adjusting the pressure applied
D.Changing the size of one electrode

32. Laser welding finds widest application in
A.Heavy industry
B.Structural work
C.Process industry
D.Electronic industry

33. Which of the following carbon steels is most weldable
A.0.15% carbon steel
B.0.30% carbon steel
C.0.50% carbon steel
D.0.75% carbon steel

34. Pick up the incorrect statement about friction welding
A.Little preparation required for joints
B.Dissimilar metals can be welded
C.It is best suited for welding of plastics
D.Any type of configuration can be welded

35. Unlike materials as well as materials of different thickness can be butt welded by
A.Control of pressure and current
B.Adjusting time duration of current
C.Adjusting initial gap
D.All of the above

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