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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

323. Upset forging
A.Causes a steadily applied pressure instead of impact force
B.Is used to force the end of a heated bar into a desired shape
C.Is a forging operation in which two halves of rotating die open and close rapidly while impacting the end of the heated tube or shell is a forging method for reducing the diameter of a bar and in the process making it longer
D.None of the above
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324. It is required to reduce a slab directly to strip in one phase. Which of the following rolling mills can do this function ?
A.Two high mill
B.Three high mill
C.Four high mill
D.Planetary mill
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325. In four high rolling mill the bigger rollers are called
A.Guide rolls
B.Back up rolls
C.Main rolls
D.Support rolls
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326. A polished and etched surface of the cross-section of a hot worked product will be having
A.Fibre like structure
B.Mirror like surface
C.Grain field like structure
D.Carbon precipitated at boundaries
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327. The machinery/equipment used in the production of channels of I-section, rail sections, angles, etc is called
A.Continuous casting machine
B.Rolling mills
C.Forging plant
D.Hot spinning machines
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328. In a four high rolling mill, the diameter of backing up roll in comparison to diameter of working rolls is
D.Smaller/larger depending upon the capacity
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329. Large size bolt heads are made by
B.Roll forging
D.Upset forging
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