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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

295. Coining is the operation of
A.Cold forging
B.Hot forging
C.Cold extrusion
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296. In the metal forming processes, the stresses encountered are
A.Less than the yield strength of the material
B.Less than the fracture strength of the material and greater than yield strength
C.Greater than the ultimate strength of the material
D.Less than the limit of proportionality
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297. Rotary swaging is used for
A.Manufacturing bolts and rivets
B.Manufacturing seamless tubes
C.Improving fatigue resistance
D.Reducing diameter of round bars and tubes by rotating die which open and close rapidly on the work
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298. Hot press forging
A.Causes a steadily applied pressure instead of impact force
B.Is used to force the end of a heated bar into a desired shape
C.Is a forging operation in which two halves of a rotating die open and close rapidly while impacting the end of heated tube or shell
D.Is a forging method for reducing the diameter of a bar and in the process making it longer
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299. Swaging is an operation of
A.Hot rolling
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300. Plug rolling is used to
A.Produce collapsible tubes
B.Reduce wall thickness and increase diameter of tubes
C.Reduce diameter tubes
D.Increase wall thickness of tubes
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301. An important product manufactured by rolling is
C.Metal rolls
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