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Mechanical Engineering Objective Questions { Production Technology }

274. During the freezing of a pure metal, the possible casting structure is
A.Columnar structure
B.Dendritic structure
C.Equi-axed grains structure
D.Partly columnar and partly equi-axed
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275. When an alloy solidifies over a short range of temperature, the resulting casting structure will be
B.Partially-columnar and partially equi-axed
C.Wholly columnar
D.Wholly equi-axed
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276. When an alloy solidifies over a wide range of temperature, the resulting casting structure is
A.Wholly equiaxed
B.Wholly columnar
C.Partially columnar and partially equi-axed
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277. Flogging in foundry practice refers to
A.A type of moulding method
B.Removal of sprues and risers
C.A non-destructive testing method
D.Removal of slag during pouring
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278. The internal cracks in casting can be easily found out by the following method of testing
A.Magnetic particle inspection
B.Fluorescent penetrant
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279. The surface and sub-surface cracks in non-magnetic alloys can be easily located and detected by the following inspection method
A.X-ray testing
B.Ultrasonic testing
C.Magnetic particle inspection testing
D.Dye-penetrant testing
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280. The internal hot tear defects in castings can be inspected by the following method:
B.Visual inspection
C.Damping test
D.Fluorescent penetrant test
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